Sunday, July 22, 2007

My Girl...a Brag Report

Taken at Old Orchard Beach, Maine at the end of June, our little girl has had some major milestones in the last 4 weeks. She began creeping and rolling to move about the room, sat when placed, fell over, and within a day learned how to sit herself up again!
This Monday, July 16, she turned 7 months old, on Tuesday she was really attempting creeping as a form of locomotion to reach for a toy she wanted, on Wednesday her adoption was finalized, and on Thursday she crawled for the first time!! She is one determined little girl.
Now she gets put on the floor and in a moment she has crawled-crept away! Into her older brothers' toys, grabbing at the couch...and thinking about trying to stand. Goddess help us, this girl wants to WALK !! NOW! And things around here will certainly become interesting once she does....

Friday, July 06, 2007

Campfire chairs...

I love this photo.

We went camping last weekend, and there is a chair for every one of us, even the baby! Her blue bouncy seat is there in the center, and we all gathered around the campfire each night. We were up at Old Orchard Beach, Maine; the campground is wonderful, very quiet and peaceful, and just a 15 minute walk to the ocean. Down on the "strip" there are shops full of tourist mementos, Americana kischy stuff, the expected beach togs...towels, chairs, tatami mats, flip flops. The smell of fried dough fights with the scent of frying clams, as the screams of the younglings being shaken, whirled or otherwise stirred on the various whirl-a-gigs and ferris wheels a the wee amusement park waft over all. A few steps beyond that and you're standing on fine white sand, soft and so smooth underfoot, while a freezing cold Atlantic ocean waves at you. The smells and sounds abate, and you are completely under the spell of green/blue waves, crying gulls, and laughing children.

What a weekend!