Thursday, July 06, 2006

A Day at the Beach

On Monday we went to Maine to visit Nana, and spent the day out at the beach with her. KC enjoys the waves at Ferry Beach in Maine! He loves jumping into the water each time we come here! This is a UU conference center at mid-coast Maine, with low surf and a lovely beach. He just runs into the water, no fear, not bothered by the chilly Atlantic water, which was around 57 degrees!
Here's Nana, Lee, and KC, who was on a mandatory "warm up break" and not liking that one bit! Robbie also loves the beach this year. A year of swimming lessons at our local 'Y' has helped him to feel more confident around water.
So confident he can walk on water now!! LoL! The wonders of digital photography! I have never managed to capture a shot just like that before, and frankly, I'm quite pleased with myself! This last picture is Robbie and KC playing in the beach sand. Old Orchard Beach, Maine, with it's amusement park rides, large crowds, fried dough and pizza, and many shops, is the spit of land to the left of Rob's head, but there were many miles of tranquil beach for us to enjoy!