Saturday, August 19, 2006

Wordplay, J is for...

Jars and Jars of freshly preserved peaches which I will so enjoy opening in the winter
Jam, which was also freshly made this summer
Jingle...the sound of coins in one's pocket, or Santa's reindeer bridle bells
Joan Jett..I love rocknroll, put another quarter in the Juke box, baby!
Jump...KC's favorite mode of moving from place to place these days
Jumpers, my favorite kind of dresses when I was in my 20's
Jungle Gym...we have one but Rob never plays on it, sigh.
July.. love going to the beach, 4th celebrations, hate the deep humid heat
June...a wonderful month...full of getting-there gardens, warm days and cool evenings, the first day of summer, beginning of the camping season
Jupiter...wish I had more time for stargazing
Jupiter II...from Lost in Space, I always wanted to take a ride in it
Jangles..the sound of wearing many bracelets together year, absolute darkness at the start of the month so early in the day, with a gradual, noticible lightening by the end of the month, stark contrasts of white snow and dark limbs, cold breath from the north and west, and the amazing
January thaw...that gives hope that spring *will* come back!
and I'm sure there are a Jillion more that I'll think of when I'm done!

Friday, August 18, 2006

Wordplay, I is for...

Infinity....where this picture is focused on
Ice cream--'specially chocolate chip cookie dough
Igneous--I love the name of this kind of rock!
Igloo--I've always wanted to build one, and this winter I have "plans" on how to build an adaptation for one, if we get enough snow
Iguana--had friends who had a mega-sized one..ugh!
I--a word I use too much sometimes, and too little other times. It can be so hard to find a balance between the I and the them. Especially when one of the 'thems' is 2!
Ipod--don't have one, don't plan on having one. I'm a technological ....I was going to say throwback, but I'm not certain that's the right word. I have a computer, well, we actually have 2 functioning ones in the house, and a DVD/Video player and TV sets (4 in the house, but only 2 used actively) and even a digital camera. I guess the Ipod/cell phone thing is because I want to feel that I can have quiet around me and be okay with it. Sure, there are times I wish I had a cell phone with me, but mostly, I do without or make my own decision rather than calling home to say "did you want fresh Parm or canned" from the grocery store. I don't want to be reachable everywhere, every place. . . and I don't want to always have music/movies/internet available at my every whim. I love to listen to the cawwing of crows, the scream of a hawk as it soars overhead while I hang my laundry, the squeal of the laundry line wheel as I overload it with wet towels, my neighbors cutting grass. Okay, so I'm a throwback!
Irresistable--see number 1 on my list...and fabric...ya, pretty irresistable too!
Irritated-I get this way when I'm driving and someone cuts me off and there was NO ONE behind me...and they slow down to 20. I swear I have a sign on the front of my van that says "go ahead and cut me off"....
Irrational--my fear that someone will steal one of my kids...or is it?
Independant--yes, that's me!
Ivy--I love to see old stone buildings with ivy crawling it's way up them. I know it's bad for the mortar, but I love the look of it anyway!
Indigo--the deepest of clear blues...a mountain lake at sunset, the sky in midwinter just before the sun breaks the horizon
Impatient--I wish this wasn't me...but it is! Life is too darned short! HURRY UP!
Invisible....I have always wished for this ability! It would be totally cool to be invisible at one's whim...just not for all times!
Italian--some of my favorite foods are Italian....
International Adoption...our first son came to us via this route and he was born in today's last word...

Spit in the sink...

I'll just bet you're wondering about the title for this blog entry, right? It's not an order, like "will you puleeze...spit in the sink". Oh no, it's much more of a whinnnnnne kind of statement, as in "for Pete's sake ...."
Boys chant "Who's Pete?"
Chet says "and what's he doin' in our bathroom?"
Rob says "someone named Pete is in our bathroom?"
Mom says "one of you guys left spitty toothpaste globbies on my clean sink! Don't you know I spent 2 hours cleaning the bathroom on Wednesday?? Can't you two just keep it clean for 24 hours??????"
Chet says "well it was clean for 24 hours, if you cleaned it on Wednesday, and today is Friday"
Rob says "you just said Pete did it"

and so it goes....

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Wordplay, H is for...

This is totally random, no particular order, just as they pop into my tired here goes, and I'm Hopeful that I will catch up to all the other Wordplay folks who have been so dedicated and interesting! I feel when I'm with my family
Hotdogs...why I'm only a 99% vegetarian. I just love 'em.
Hamburgers...I only like the veggie kind now.
How...KC's newest word
Hair...well, you've read my blog. I'm Hair obsessessed!
Holy Cow Batman! One of my favorite campy shows from my childhood...with all the variations on Holy they came up with!
Hash...I've not had hash since I was 18 and still living at home. I loved when my mom made it.
Hugs...something I love giving and getting. I'm a very huggy person.
Hail...I'm fascinated by weather, and hail is right up there, no pun intended!
Harrowing...I love that word in novels...along with Heroine and Hero
Halloooow...the sound that comes out of a cave when you yell into it!
Healing...I believe in healing touch and Healing energies of the most powerful and underutilized words in the English language.
Hazard...listening to the radio to one of the pop stations with your 10 y/o son in the car....
Hills...I live in hilly country. I don't know how people live in the plains...there is so much space there...
Hiccup. The baby and I just laugh and laugh when one of us gets them.
Hilfenger? I am so not into designer jeans and clothing
Hillbilly...going to her website ( has helped me get some wonderful ideas for doing things on the cheap, despite our obvious religious differences, she has great recipes and ideas for saving money.
Heeheehee....ya, you get it!
Hush...the sound that happens now at 5 a.m when I'm walking the dog in the darkness that comes with late summer
Hangover...been so long since I last had one I have nearly forgotten how bad it used to be, lol! except for the throwing up. I still remember that.
Here...where I wish my mom was
Heaven...where I know she is
Haven...what I hope my home is for my kids, always.
Hollyhocks..did not do so well in the garden this year
Hummingbirds...we had one in the yard in the spring but Haven't seen him since.
Hate...something I wish I could wave my arm and abolish

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Wow! It's August, and here I'd promised myself that online journaling was going to be easier to maintain that handwritten posts...ah, well. July was filled with great memories, and lazy days that were too hot to do more than hang out on the couch and read. We went to the beach and Cape Cod, took nightly family walks around our neighborhood, watched sunsets come earlier than we wanted them too, and celebrated the opening of our black eyed Susan's and echanachea plants.

Now when I take my morning walk with the dog, it's officially in the 'predawn' hour. This morning, August 1, we witnessed our first PMF...Otherwise known as a premigratory flock! Canada geese were honking and heading south. I know they were headed to the local small pond near my house, but still, it is very early to have them flocked in a V group that way. Oh my, and I just got used to walking in the dark! Now I'm seeing signs that the turning of the wheel is very evident and I'm feeling ambivalent about it.
I've come to a place in my life when I feel the wheel, live the wheel, accept the wheel. I love each season, and the changing process too. So I'll grab photo's of my flowering beds, remembering summer digitally, and look forward to the cool whisper of fall as she peeks in the door during this last full month of summer.