Monday, September 25, 2006

Wordplay, L is for...

Lambs, they truly gambol about in the spring!(this one was born at Wachusett Meadow Audubon Sanctuary, in Princeton MA in early April)
Love, the biggest L of them all...and Lee, the Love of my Life...
Lynne, my Little sister, another love...
Lights at holiday time, something I look forward to seeing but not putting up (those dratted extension cords!!)
Living room, one of the most under-utilized rooms in my home, the kitchen should really be called the living room as we spend so much time there...
Lancaster, the next town over where my son got his first job at age 20 and I'm so proud of him...
Leominster...the city I reside in, but not the place of my dreams, still not bad for a city of 45,000 residents. We have a Lovely home, and a nice yard for the kids.......
Land in Maine, where I want to retire to, someday, with a smallish house and a sewing room all my own and enough room for 2 or 3 Irish setters...
Labels...sometimes I do, sometimes I don't love, in joy-factor, in my family...ya, I'm lucky!
Limo...never been in one!
Lime, a wonderful color. My smallest size jeans so far are lime green.
Lentils, what we had for dinner tonight! yummy and sooo good for you!
Limerick, one of my favorite kinds of poems,
Licorice...yuk. 'nuf said.
Limber,,,something I've never been, really.
Loons...I remember the first time I heard them, on a lake in New Hampshire (not Golden Pond! but near there)
Lions...ya, I love those big furry kitties.
Limp...with fatigue...time to go to bed!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Wordplay, K is for...

Since I'm working on keeping up my blogging, I had better get going on my Wordplay obligations! I'm so far behind that ...well, enough of that...let's get on with my favorite letter in the alphabet... special wee lad...he's growing up so fast!

K- I just love the way a cursive K looks on paper. Especially expensive paper. And done in calligraphy

Kirsty- well, there'd be no moonsinging blog without her, right, lol!?!

Kooky--something I am always being accused of...and so what if I am?

Kinky-now, you may enjoy kinky stuff, and I will confess to seeing some (can you believe what you can see on the internet for FREE?) and I confess to trying to not be like my mom and be a prude at 47. I'm not particularly comfortable discussing kinky things, but still I think many of us are curious about it.;s been a long time since I had a kitten. I love them. and when they grow up to become Kats, I love 'em too...but there's something innately fun about having a kitten. Or two. or...

Kale...we've gotten a ton of kale in our CSA farm boxes this year. You can do alot of things with Kale, including freezing it so you can deal with it later and not become overwhelmed by it. But it's good, and good for you, and great with farm fresh eggs...mmmmmm!

Kirk, Captain, leader of the first Enterprise (not counting Christopher Pike, you Trekkers who will quickly correct me!) we saw on tv. To Boldly oh my, I had a thing for him...

Kill Bill...someday I'll see the movie. Until then I'll just be intrigued by the clips I see now and then.

Kiss...I love giving and getting kisses.

Ken, Lee's stepdad, is 93 and having a hard time with the daily grind. Still, he was pretty good the last time we saw him, and although getting frailer, still had much to contribute to our conversation...and we wish him many more !

Kringle, Chris...oh, one ofmy favorite Xmas specials, right up there with Rudolph!

KC and the Sunshine Band...that's the way, uh huh uh huh, I like it, uh huh uh huh!

Kool aid...many fond memories of Mom making Kool aid for my sister and I when we were little.

...and finally....Keepsake Quilting....need I say more?

Summer's Last Hurrah

It's been nearly a month since my last blog update, and since I last wrote, we've been camping 3 times! We just got back a few hours ago from what was our final camping expedition of the 2006 summer season. We've explored our wee state from one corner to another, from Cape Cod to the Berkshires. Our last two campouts,however, were within 15 miles of each other, in Old Orchard Beach and Ferry Beach (Saco), Maine.

Our kids love camping as much as Lee and I do, accepting heavy morning dew which drips on their head as they wake up, sand in their sleeping bags, which is my personal bane (ugh, shudder), and tree frogs singing the night away. We've had rainy days and hiked anyway, sunny days to play in surf and sand, hot days and cold nights. More importantly, we've had time off from the regular day to day ' stuff ' that seems so important when it's there in your face, but, once freed from the restrictions of day to day living, seem so trivial. Who cares if you rememberd to go to the bank when you can watch a spider wrap up its meal over by the pine tree? I wish that every day could be spent watching spiders and dragonflies, smelling pine trees and ocean air, seeing the Milky Way in the dark night sky at the ocean's edge, and the calling of tree frogs. But life does come back to reality, to laundry and phone calls and tidying and banking and all the other work that gets left behind when we head off to explore, pulling our trusty camper behind us.

So, here we are, home again, tired in body, but restored in spirit. I finally feel that I'm ready for Autumn, for our many tree's colorful transition to their resting time, for raking leaves and trick-or-treating, for pumpkin and apple picking, and all the rest! But I've promised myself that I'll look for those spider webs in the bushes, do more than simply glance at the sky when I hang out that last load of wash after dark but really take a few minutes to look in awe at all those worlds up there, and smell the wonderful scents of autumn. And that's a resolution that I plan on keeping!