Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Creativity comes in many forms...

Take, for instance, Lissa's hair. Lee and I really sweated when we adopted a baby GIRL...for the same reason...the hair issue. Boys are E.A.S.Y. Chop, chop (or, more appropriately, clip, clip) and they're good to go for at least a month or more before you need to regroom them. Girls, otoh, need lots of labor intensive work! Especially this lass, as she is very particular about how she looks. Not that I'm complaining, mind you, she does get that from me, lol!

So, Lee put in hours, days, weeks, months into researching the How of AA Hairstyling. Viewed videos, blogs, you name it, she read it, watched it, asked about it!! And now, we have a daughter who loves having her hair styled, sits for the most part, patiently when it's braiding day, and who also, at just 2.5 years old, can help "load" the beads onto this kewl "needle" thing (think plastic 8" needle w/a huge "eye" on one end) all by herself. In fact, she (with some "help" from her older brother, sheesh...another story for another day!) did all the bead loading for the style you see above.

I finally was able to french braid (I could only do mine until now, working backwards on my own long, straight hair was easier to me than working on her shorter, curling hair from the front) Lissa, too, and that means no beads are wacking her in the face. They are all "pulled away" and hang on the back and sides of her head.

Just had to brag!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

'Sall bout me!

yah, no posties in a month, then two in one day. Just wanted to show the "refreshed" redhead (gad it had been fer-eva since I last did my roots...eeek!) and the longer hair. Boy it's growin' like a weed, already in the middle of my back and I didn't think it would get there before Yule...
Been knitting like crazy...doing mittens for a friend that works for Headstart and trying to get 18 pair done before winter, plus a vest for me before the house gets really chilly, a beautiful scarf, then a second vest in another colorway (first is gradient tones of brown, very earthy and lovely, the new one will be shades of deep blue into earth green, think "melted globe" colors ...yanno, like melting down a planetary globe...those deep ocean blues and earthy greens melting into peacock and cobalt...I'll promise to post pics when both are done. Then there's all the jammie sewing, and some tunics for Lissa...phew! Between that, homeschooling two kids (one is kindergarten, so it's a bit easier, and he LOVES to learn!), keeping up the house, I'm busy busy.
Trying to limit my computer time so I can get everything ...well, I was going to say done, but who am I kidding??? More, so that I can keep my head above water! Still have to trim the hedge, paint the back shed, trim backyard bushes, harvest more tomato's (okay who the hell has a major tomato harvest in late September fer crissakes??????? It's apple season, Goddess!!!)
ahhhh, life is strange in New England!

Autumn is creeping in!

Autum display prep on the kitchen island,

One week ago, the tree across the street (extreme zoom!)

Same tree, less zoom, more color!

Blessed Samhain! Happy Autumn!