Wednesday, August 27, 2008


120 in
the 8 cup
plus what
is in the
4 and 2 cup
and a
of purple
what a haul from our garden YESTERDAY! With sunny skies this weekend, when we come back to the garden next week, I'll have another haul to process...
thus far I've made 30 pints of salsa, and today's project is Italian Stewed Tomato's!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Bad Mood

Blah Blah Blah and then my kids blah blah blah

and then I blah blah blah

and then my spouse blah blah blah

and my son grrrrrr

geeze already.


get over it.


I sewed a pair of pajamas for my son the 4 y o

I have 1000 things to do before camping.

I had the stomach crud and spent most of yesterday with my pal John,

and thus lost 30 hours pre camping prep time (hence the Bad Mood).

I'm over it.

I think.


Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sparkperson ...

having a
moment over a blade of grass.)
Well, I have joined Sparkpeople, the online, and most importantly, free weight loss support group. Well, it's more than that, actually, it's meal planning, exercise inducements, and support. I have tried 3 times this year to lose weight, yeah, right. But I'm going to be 50 in a few months and would love to be much healthier. My kids are getting to an age where we could be doing some fun hiking etc, and Mom is in no shape for that.

We started a "morning routine" because my 4 yo son was watching tooo much tv! I knew this when we went camping in July and he hugged me and cried and said he "missed his tv". Oh. My. Gosh. Bad momma. So, now we turn off the tv at 8, brush teeth, put on our sneakers and take a walk around our neighborhood. There are a variety of places we can walk and see. There's the "Flower Walk" where we scope out several lovely Victorian-style gardens, or the "Duck Walk" where a person has 2 ducks in their very small yard. No pond, but the ducks eat all their bugs, and their garden is lovely! Then there's the "Block Walk" where we walk around the long block where we live (actually a double block because there is the former high school and field at the end of our block)

That's helped me a lot, so I'm not huffin' and puffin' all the time. I need to lose a minimum of 50 pounds, and to be honest, 70 pounds is the ultimate goal. Obviously I'm not going to lose all that in one year, but the 50, well, I can manage that.

One of my mini goals is to be more focused on journaling. Which boils down to some "me" time, something in short supply around here these days! Me-time has been coming at 1030 when everyone else is in bed, and I can eat chips and then go to bed and knit for 20 minutes or so. Change is so hard!

What inspired this change? The photo my son took of me the other day. At 4, he's a real budding photographer, but this photo just really brought home to me how very fat I have become. And no, I'm not posting that one today!