Saturday, August 25, 2007


No, I am not in this picture. Now, why would I spend the hottest day of the summer (and feeling doubly hot since all this week it was in the 40's and 50's ) at the beach? Cool breezes, cold water, relaxing??? Heck no!

No, I spent the day, a full 10 hours, canning peaches. Last weekend we picked 75 pounds of peaches, and had thought I'd have time during the week to work on canning them, a bit each day. But it got so cold the ripening never happened ... until Friday night. Sooo, up and at 'em by 630 this a.m. and by 430 I had completed 20 quarts of peaches, AND 6 quart jars plus 4 pint jars of peach pie filling. It's a wonderful thing to open the pantry on Jan 1. and whip out a jar of peach pie filling and make a pie in moments (make crust, dump in filling, bake)...and from ingredients that we harvested ourselves!!

My feet are so tired and sore they have disowned me for the rest of the night, but I have such a feeling of accomplishment. Each time I walk into the kitchen, all those wonderful jars of fruit are winking back at me!

Next up; kolhrabi to blanch and freeze, and eggplant casserole to make and freeze.


AFTER we go to the beach!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Turning over the Turning of the Earthwheel

In her Beachtreasure blog ( Laume was talking about changes in her family, in the seasons, and the restless wind blowing through her spirit lately. Wow. Yes, at the risk of adding a meme here, I've had that restlessness in my head too, but tinged with sadness. It is always so hard to lose the daylight, and where once it was light, or at least dusky until almost 9 p.m. it is now dusking up around 7 p.m. and full dark between 730 and 740 or so. And the sun sets so much more south of where it did just a few months ago. In midsummer it beams it's last long rays from the center of my backyard, through the trees in my neighbors yard as it slowly slips past the horizon. Now it is setting behind another neighbors house. By midfall it will begin setting at the house 3 doors down from there and the last sun I see in winter is when it is perched on their roof, before it falls off and my yard darkens, between 330 and 4 p.m.

I'm not trying to give a lesson here, just noting that I'm working out in my head what has been, and what is coming.

It has been so cold here in New England this week that 1) I felt guilty for everyone else in the US that was roasting in 100 degree heat and 2) almost needing to turn the heat on. Okay, I'll admit it. I *did* turn the heat on, Wednesday morning. It was 52 degrees in my living room and all of us were shivering. Since it had been in the 40's at night all week, we needed a break from shivering! Um, isn't it still AUGUST we were all saying to anyone we met. Out came long jeans, sweatshirts, shirt jackets from our emergency camping stash. Elisabeth got some new polarfleece pants and shirts on clearance from LL Bean and they came in Tuesday and she wore them all week.

Today is Friday. It hit 90 humid degrees today, after being just about 70 yesterday. Tomorrow it could be near to 100. Go figure! Of couse I need to finish canning my peaches tomorrow....

And finally, when I took Rob to Princeton for a homeschool hike (a small town south of here, where there is an Audubon sanctuary we frequent), which is about 500 or so feet higher in elevation...and there were trees everywhere just "frosted"with color. Reds, a bit of yellow, a wee slice of orange...nearly every tree had at least a few colors near the top or a side branch...we've had a few tree' s locally begin to show early color, but this...this is crazy! We hit peak color around Columbus Day in October...but perhaps since our weather the last 2 weeks have been more October than August....perhaps we're finally in for a snowy winter!

So although the wheel turning on it's Autumnal axis is rather sad, as I so hate for Summer to go, there is much to look forward to, too. I'm reconciling myself to the shorter days, the cooler nights, and to accepting the beauty, the splendour of brilliant leaves against that painfully blue blue sky of Autumn, and the promise of winter snow.

Monday, August 13, 2007

On tonight's menu....

A DOUBLE RAINBOW! And although this next image doesn't show much of the double, I love the glowing arch of the main bow...
and the intense color! This rainbow show lasted less than 5 minutes and we just happened to catch it as it rained very hard, but the sun was shining brightly. As soon as the rain moved east, I happened to glance out the window at the right time and voila!

And tonight I saw one Persied (oh hell I know the spelling is wrong and I'm too tired to go and look it up) meteor.
I love these little miracles! No foreplanning, they just are what they are and if we're lucky enough to look up and see them...I guess it's the stop and smell the roses mentality, but we do so need to stop and sniff, or stop and look up...isn't the sky just so *amazing*???!

Monday, August 06, 2007

Cutey Crawlies!

THEN: Elisabeth aged 3 days, with big brother Rob, at our hotel in Chicago...
NOW: age 7.5 months and crawling!
It is truly amazing to me to watch a child, who just 7 months ago was a small bundle not even able to move more than arms and legs, grow by such leaps and bounds that she has become mobile. She is mostly up on her knees now, after just about 2 weeks of combo-crawling...knees to "g.i. joe" style via elbows and hips! This weekend we went camping. While she was hanging out in her pack n play she got up on her knees, and today got up on her feet. I gave her a wee bit of support, but she was so happy to be standing that she performed her silly head bobbing routine and promptly fell on her butt! Oh, she wants to walk so badly!

She is just so happy to be able to move around under her own power...there's no holding her back now!

Awesome sunset

The clouds, the was a magic moment. Good thing I keep my camera right by the door. Got the shot, and the garden bathed in this mystical, beautiful lighting, and then it was over.