Sunday, September 23, 2007

Welcome Maui

Welcome home to our new kitty, Maui! Isn't he just too cute?
He has spent the last 4 days acclimating to his new family in our boys' tv room, which he has adored. We have gone up and visited him during the day, as he is rather fey, and today he "got" the whole house.

He had a great time exploring all the nooks and crannies in our house, loving especially, the cool wood floor of the dining room.

But here he is in the kitchen, on his way to this long alleyway that's been called the Cat's Alley for more than 30 years. Used to be a
big table built in back there, but now there are just two low shelves that are steps up to the window back there, and a convenient jumping place to get onto the counter there. He figured that out right quick!

It's not called the cats' Alley for nuthin'!!

Back in the dining room...the gate keeps the wee kids from banging the glass doors of the cabinets (one more year and I hope it can come down...taking it down each feast day and reinstalling it later is a pain in the butt, as it's screwed into the flooring....but Maui has no problems climbing the gate and seeing what's on the other side....

At 5 months, he's just wary enough to keep away from the littles and that's good all around...wonder how he'll feel in 8 weeks when our new puppy comes home ....
ah, well, it will make for some great photo-ops, right?!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

In One Month...

Elisabeth in her Tom Brady shirt (go Pats!)... has gone from crawling to cruising, eating semi solid foods, and babbling up a storm. Unfortunately, sleeping throught the night is still not on her agenda...

And with Lee,

at age 3 has learned to ride a bike with training wheels, and become potty trained!! With less than a hand full of accidents. We've had bm's and peed in every potty of every place we know, but he's done it! It's all in when you are ready, I guess!

It's amazing how fast these littles are growing up! Lissa goes for her 9 month check up tomorrow....

I'm grabbing onto these images because I blink and they've grown another inch ...and wait till you see how tall Rob has grown this summer...phew! I can't keep up with it sometimes!

Monday, September 10, 2007

An Ode to Wally the Cat

You were one sweet natured boy
Came to the office one day
Abandoned by the one entrusted with your care
and fell...
into our hearts.
Never complaining about all the new babies
when they pulled your glorious striped tail.
Loved to be brushed
fur gleaming
belly rolling towards the ceiling
ahhhh bliss!
You loved Robbie and helped
all those first scarey nights
when home wasn't here yet
and the shadows were
bad things
You showed him
he was safe here
on his bed through the night
Patrol Cat
You are missed.