Thursday, June 05, 2008


KC has always been a free spirit. He loves music and television and dancing...every night after dinner, he performs for us, and he always cracks up the rest of us. Lately, while big brother Robbie has been at Little League, KC and Ooma have been heading down to the field to cheer him on, and KC decided to bring Momma's camera with him.

The first pic is a self portrait, not bad for someone who just turned 4 a few weeks ago!
The pic below shows him trying to frame a shot with the fencing! It sure gives me a perspective on what a little kid sees in the world.

There are about 50 shots (over the course of the last few weeks) of the ground at the foot of the bleachers. When asked why he kept taking these pic's, he replied, "because it's so beautiful and intra-sting". Some shots show foot prints of various sneakers and foot gear, another shows close up of rocks, but each one is subtly different. He's also taken multiple sky shots because he knows that Mummy likes to take sky pix too! "and the clouds were so bee U tiful that I know you would like it Mummy!" I foresee a camera in Santa's sack for this kiddo!