Saturday, April 26, 2008


How could I resist adding some pix of my freshly springing garden? I love the lime color of this wee bush with the golden edge of the hosta behind it. And below, one of the many new daffodils that Rob and I planted a year ago that didn't do so well last spring (we had very little snow in the 06-07 winter) but are doing wonderfullllllyyy well this spring (after quite a bit of snow and cold...the winter that seemed to go on forever!) I love the orange petals peeking out on this fancy double daffy.
But my favorite daffy this spring is this pair, with the delicately apricot-to-orange hued trumpet and the gorgeous sunburst yellow fan behind it. These fella's are in my front garden that I look out on all evening as I do piecework for a local factory, a true spring garden that I pretty much let alone the rest of the summer. Last year the boys put in a bunch of flowers for Mother's Day, which was a true surprise! I saved several plants and have overwintered them and will replant after May 15th.
Spring ! ahhhh!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Better late than never?

>Wow! My computer is finally fixed and now I can blog and email and EVERYTHING!! Oh, it's so nice to be 'connected' again!
So, some updates: 1. It stopped snowing (finally) 2. Flowers are blooming (spring has sprung) 3. kiddo's are growing: here's Robbie dressed for his first baseball game!

Little brother KC here at his 4th birthday party just last week, with his Ooma who was snapped with a big 'ol bite of pizza (oh, she's gonna kill me for that shot!)
Little Miss Lissa wasn't so sure about the party hat thing, however...
she does like to be "pree" and you can see just how pretty in her Easter duds! Note the three different colored hair bobs...yes, she finally has hair, at 16 months!!! And her dress was fleece, since it was soo bloody cold on Easter here in the northeast.
As for me, well nothing much has changed. Hairs been red, brown and red and now brown again, but I've been walking the dog and doing tons of yardwork so far this spring. It's been nice to have a wee bit of freedom to get tasks done, now that the baby isn't such a baby any more!

Gotta run I'm soooo missing my bed! Been a long, busy, full, wonderful day!

Blessed be!