Tuesday, January 27, 2009

lots of snow and more on the way...

Robbie is nearly 5 ft tall, and you can see the great size of our 2nd
snowman of the winter! We got 13 inches or so of snow
last weekend (not this one just past, prior to that) in
two back-to-back storms and it finally warmed up this
past week so the boys could go to work on this fellow.

I guess he'll get a companion sometime this week, as
we're expecting another 12 inches of snow tomorrow.
Rumor has it that we might get (*ugh) ice at the end
of the snow...

still have ice from the Dec 13 ice storm all over the ground.
I have a 2-3 inch tall "hummuck" of ice/snow that never
got shovelled up from that storm that surrounds my van's
parking spot in the yard. I think it will be there until
Spring arrives...sigh.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Done and Huzzah!

This is the sweater coat detail...

And THIS is the sweater coat!!!

I started knitting this in April last year (08) for Lee's
Yule gift. Didn't finish it completely by Yule, as the collar
and button bands were not done by then, but today, just
1 month from Yule, the sweater is done! I'm ecstatic!
It looks wonderful on her as well. (and fits beautifully,
so there's a lesson in not rushing things!)
I was going to knit a vest for myself, but with the ongoing
weight loss, I won't start that until I'm at my goal weight, by
the Autumn.
I've been making hand warmers, those fingerless/topless
mittens with a thumb hole. Found a sweet and easy pattern
in a library book, and have made at least a half dozen now.
First set was for Lee in an oatmeal wool yarn, now I'm going to
make her a set from the leftover sweater yarn to go with that.
They only take a day to make (I knit both mitts at the same time,
same as I do with mittens and sweater sleeves).
Well, off for more laundry. How a family of 6 generates
4 loads of wash from Sunday night to Monday morning is
one of the great mysteries of life!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Me, a work in process! Progress? Hmmm...

Here I am.
Been awhile
since I
ice storm
no power
no time,

But, one thing I've been working diligently on since
I got sick in late October, is losing weight. Doing it
on my own, since the stomach bug I had made me not
eat for almost a week, with only small nibbles to sustain
me. Helped "jump start" me, I guess. Now, in mid
January, I've lost 30 pounds. Super, duper psyched!!
I never hit the evil "200" pound mark, but since I was just
8 oz off that mark, I was scared I would be heading into
my 50's the same way I spent my 30's and 40's...fat.
But....I won't!
Not now.
Oh my, it's been nearly 3 months and I'm still doing it!

As my hair has grown out, my waist has been
So looking forward to Springtime when I can walk
again. It's ice and snow for over a month now, too
treacherous for walking in early darkness, or late
afternoon dusk. Soon. Don't want to rush the
winter away. I like winter. Really!
Just 2 weeks until I'm 50.....
....and I'm so happy with my life.