Thursday, June 25, 2009

Defeated and depressed

and disappointed. The three D's. The deadly D's. Harmful to the spirit, relationships, and life. Today I screwed up. I mean SCREWED UP. Made a judgement error, which will cost us money to fix, which we can ill afford. But hell, we MARRIED for better or worse, and I MEANT it both ways....but when I called my love, my support, the one I trust most on this earth, I was told that I made a "Bad CALL" in calling her first. I mean, don't you call your wife or husband or significant other when you are freaked out? When you've held it together and made an "adventure Memory" for your kids rather than panicking and scaring them? Don't you lean a bit on them to tell you "it will be okay," even when you know they are angry and have every right to be? One word of compassion, of caring would be enough to help get over the emotional "OMG" shaking scared's....
.....and it doesn't come.

I'm a big girl and I'll get over it, but for now, I'm feeling hurt and weepy.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Mini Update

Moonsingers back ...hahahaha! But seriously, folks, see how LONG my hair has gotten in just over 1.5 years?
Full front face w/makeup (the original "take" was too scarey sans makeup!)
Moonsinger 3 years ago, semi-trying to grow out the hair and go strawberry blonde, instead of the rad red I am now! That, and 35 pounds lighter makes for a way different Moonsinger!