Thursday, April 30, 2009

Oh My!

Okay, things have not been frenetically busy. My days have not been filled with unending business...things have been rather...slow. Mellow. I get my chores done and have time to read a bit on the web. Or a book (shudder w/delight!). Play with my kiddo's. In other words, life is good.
So, the pic above is my darling KC, 3 days after turning 5. Can you believe that? My wee lad is
a 5 year old!!!??? He's sleeping here, leaning into his Ooma's (Lee's) Fenway Park! Only my son could sleep through a baseball game where the Red Sox kept scoring run after run (they were up on the Angels by 9-3 when we left in the 6th inning because of how windy/chilly it was getting), which means fans were screaming wildly all around us...yet he slept on!

Robbie, almost 13 now, all geared up for the game, having a BLAST. Our company has a Patriot's Day event (you know, "t'was the 18th of April in '75 and hardly a man is now alive who remembers that famous day and year...") well, it's a big big holiday here in Massachusetts, with the running of the Boston Marathon, events at Lexington and Concord ("by the rude bridge that arched the flood, her flag to April's breeze unfurled, here once the embattled farmers stood and fired the shot heard 'round the world...") and of course, Baseball.

The main office of our company is on Commonwealth AVenue, the very last leg of the marathon, so we get to see runners just before they cross the finish line a few hundred yards up ahead of us. (if watching a marathon is your thing, I guess it's fun!) They do a nice spread for breakfast, and lunch, provide free tix to the Red Sox game. We rarely go in for this event, as getting 5 of the 6 of us up and out on a Holiday from work, means getting up and out before we'd ever have to leave for work...ugh! But this year we said what the heck, and went. The air was brisk, and when the wind picked up in th e 5th inning it was quite chilly. Since we were up high (very last/top row of the bleacher seats, FANTASTIC fun seats, btw, maybe not so much "kewlness" as sitting 8 rows behind home plate like we did last year, but the fans are way funner in the bleachers,lol!) the wind kept "foaming' up over the wall and pouring down on us. It was neat. Cold, but neat. Everyone agreed it was a great day, all in all! Sometime I'll tell you about the sardine T-ride into Boston...or maybe not, because that was NOT a fun experience, but it was blessedly short (although my kids were as freaked out as I was), and will someday make a funny family memory. It's those "bad"-ish things that happen that make the story stick in the memory, after all. And it wasn't sooo bad. Un pleasant, yes, but it could have been worse. The guy with his butt plastered against my side could have let one loose and killed me, after all LOL!

Finally, the wee missy, Elisabeth, you can't really see her twists here, but believe me, Lee is having a blast designing hair styles now that her hair is getting so long. It's a ton of work to do, but the styles usually last about a week. I'll try to remember to upload her beaded head from last week...too cute!
Okay, I've written a book. Sorry bout that, but it catching up a wee bit!

February was the last post I submitted...what the heck?