Monday, May 09, 2011

May, 2011

I am soooo loving May this year!!! First early azalea to spring open with warm, sunny days....

..while tiny violets nestle into the small spaces between the rocky steps to the backyard..
The ferns and hosta have bolted up, from tiny promises 10 days ago, to rich full green-leaf.
and I'm loving being outside for as long as I can before the sneezies get me!

It's funny, this is 'my' Japanese red maple, one of my favorite trees in the garden...and the kids climb it like little spider monkeys. KC proclaimed it "the best tree, ever!" Since it's not much bigger than they are, there is little chance of serious injury, (crossing fingers!), and it delights me to see them loving being outside playing without hundreds of bought toys, but with imagination, and fun.

This is what May is all about, really.

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