Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Weekend of Little Blessings

A View to the Backyard

After weeks of cold, of rain, of just general "blecch"...we leap-frogged over spring and headlong into summer. From the low 50's to the 90's in one short leap...

Yet it was perfectly timed to coincide with Memorial Day weekend, and how can one protest a sudden, unexpected heat wave this early in the season on the official Summer Kick-Off Weekend?

not even I could grump about that!

Lee got home early from work on Friday, and we had a long, luscious weekend of quiet. I still had to work Saturday, and it was a surprisingly active day at the clubhouse...followed by a Sunday that can only be described as languorous. Slept in a wee bit, then off to the restaurant for breakfast, since it was Lee and my 33rd anniversary!

Breakfast at IHOP was a bit disappointing, though the kiddo's seemed to enjoy it. The moms? Not so much. Our waitress was a peach, however, and was very accommodating to our large, sometimes loud, group, including a differently-abled adult son.

At home, we tended to gardens, to front lawns gone to hayfields, to hedges.

Even Monday was laid back. Gosh, two days in a row could spoil a family! We went for a lovely hike at Wachusett Meadows Audubon Sanctuary, clambering through fields and woods, finding the glacial boulder and watching the kids scramble up and around it fearlessly. Then onto Browns Hill where we summited quickly, and KC led us down the tricky trail back to the meadow!

A quick stop at the "Twinkie-Winkie" Store in Princeton garnered ice cream treats for the kids, and then home on a leisurely back road.

And after much de-ticking (yes we were *loaded* with the little beasties...ugh!) I remembered the community garden meeting last night and got there in the nick of time! So now it's official, we have our garden plot for the summer. Tomato's and squash and corn and pumpkins....and hours of fun, peace, tranquility, bird watching and garden sweating to come!

What a weekend of little blessings it was!

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